we’re taking the lead & making technology easy

VanWert Technology Design is a technology design, consulting and management firm. As an unbiased design firm we are able to find the best solution, installation company, and manage the installation process within the clients budget.


consultation & planning

We offer consulting services that take the guesswork out of budgeting, proper system design, and choosing the right company for your project. We pride ourselves in matching you with the best companies to install and execute your project.

engineering your systems

Your contractor would never dream of building your home without a design from the Architect and the other specialty trades involved, you shouldn't have the same happen with the technology for your project.


management of implementation

Having a dedicated technology expert and professional as a “second set of eyes” for the audio/video andsecurity contractors ensures the system is wired, installed, programmed and generally executed in a timely and professional manner.

Why VanWert Technology Design?

Finding the best technology package and installation company for your home or business is extremely important. This is where we come in... Creating realistic budgets, providing unbiased engineering systems and a detailed scope of your project.